We create organic disposables products to be disposed globally

About us

Our mission is to pioneer technology enabling many industries to shift from waste enlarging products towards waste fully biodegradable products scalable for global consumer markets.

The project aims to replace disposable products made of plastics by quick and fully biodegradable version which is environmentally friendly. Numerous disposable items, like food packaging, straws, cup are used on daily basis in huge quantities and converted into decades resisting garbage after a short use time. Our goal is to develop methodology that enable industries to introduce affordable in pricing and simple in usage packaging for their mass products.

New regulations already deployed by EU will limit in time usage of plastic as commodity packaging and promote nature friendly technologies.

Our projects

Currently as result on National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) grant we are developing in phases - Proof of Principle and Proof of Concept technology of formulating cellulose biomass to achieve its usability in wide range of products.

Project team

Multi professionals (physicists, biochemical engineers, mechanical engineers), multi tasking, one goal oriented

Dedicated people with clear mind set and proof of personal values

Passionate people

Hands on decision making process, direct communication and reaction to needs

Fast track

Creativity of thinking that enables to cross borders in analysis, synthesis and hypothesis process

Out-of-the box

If you are: scientist, inventor or investor, industry representative or you are just passionate about our multidisciplinary projects, please contact us:


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